GFD has extensive experience of biogas and biomethane projects across the UK.

One of our most recent completed projects in Peterhead, Scotland,  is a renewable gas-to-grid plant and has been operational since 2017. Undertaken as a joint venture between GFD and Scotia Gas Networks, this gas-to-grid project processes 70,000 tonnes of feedstocks per annum.

Using a Puregas Solutions Purac system, this biogas is then upgraded to biomethane, which is a renewable substitute for natural gas, as it meets the required specification to allow injection directly into the national gas grid. The volumes of renewable gas produced annually are sufficient to meet the heat demand for approximately 3,500 homes in the Peterhead region, offsetting fossil fuel natural gas. The sustainable credentials of this renewable gas project are further increased, as the by-product of the AD process, called digestate, is returned to farming lands for use as an organic fertiliser, reducing reliance on synthetic alternatives.

GFD have managed the full project lifecycle – from initial inception through to construction and operation.

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What is Renewable Gas?

Biomethane injection from its inception as waste to its final product as a renewable gas

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Benefits of Renewable Gas

  • Provides alternative and reliable renewable technology
  • De-carbonisation of natural gas supply
  • Promotes crop rotation cycle – higher, more sustainable yields for local farmers
  • Provides sustainable bio-degradable waste management
  • Sustainable off-taker for municipal food waste
  • Provides additional revenue for local farms, securing existing rural jobs
  • Provides a low cost source of phosphorus and nitrogen that would otherwise be lost
  • Long term feedstock contracts supports employment in the local farming community