Project Overview – Buchan Biogas Ltd

Our current renewable gas-to-grid project just outside Peterhead in north-east Scotland is the result of a joint venture between GFD and Scotia Gas Networks. The initial site development occurred in early 2014, with the identification of a suitable site at Blackhills. Planning permission for the major development of the AD plant on the 9 acre site was issued in November 2014, with construction beginning in August 2015. Following the completion of the final stages of commissioning this year, 660m3 of renewable gas (i.e. biomethane) will be produced hourly and injected into the national gas grid, the equivalent of 57,000,000 kWh annually, sufficient to meet the heat demand of 3,500 homes in the Peterhead region. This displaces fossil fuel natural gas with a sustainable alternative.

Project Overview – Bangley Quarry Biogas

Bangley Quarry Biogas is a renewable energy project situated in Bangley Quarry just North of Haddington, East Lothian.  Agricultural and distillery residues will be processed to form a renewable gas – biomethane. This gas will be injected into the national grid and utilised in domestic and commercial properties throughout the region. A by-product of the overall process is digestate, which is a valuable bio fertiliser that can be utilised back to the land where the agricultural feedstocks are grown. This gives a cyclical and sustainable nature to the overall process, supporting local businesses and farmers by allowing them to diversify and opening up valuable income streams.