Is The GFD Model Right For Me?

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, so here’s a quick way to determine if the GFD model is right for you. If you have the majority of the below criteria in place, please contact us as we could be your perfect on-farm biogas partner.

Suitable building site

Approx. 1.2ha with good access to road networks and no obvious planning concerns (e.g. NSA or AONB).

Potential feedstock supply

Producing manure or slurry, or with the potential to produce energy crop feedstocks, either alone or in partnership with neighbouring farms.

Potential energy use

Being able to use heat, electricity or biomethane locally may improve project efficiency.

Biological fertiliser demand

Growing sufficient crops (including grass) to utilise the digestate biofertiliser produced by the plant, either alone or in partnership with neighbouring farms.

Sufficient access

Suitable site access to allow delivery of feedstock (where required) and collection of compressed biomethane by tanker lorry.