Our Story

GFD is rethinking the way that anaerobic digestion is integrated into progressive farms, offering complete end-to-end, fully funded biogas projects. Here’s the story behind our journey so far…

A history of our company

Our renewable energy journey began in 2009, when we delivered multiple on-farm, small-scale wind turbines throughout the UK and Ireland.

From 2012, we were actively involved in developing numerous on-farm biogas projects and in 2013, began building our supply chain and network within the burgeoning UK AD industry.

Funding matters

In 2014/15, we secured planning permission, gas grid access rights and a full suite of contracts (feedstock, digestate, EPC and O&M) for financial close and construction of Buchan Biogas in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. The plant was designed to produce 700m3/hr of biomethane from a mixture of energy crops, silage and distillery waste.

Our experience at Buchan, and knowing that funding is regularly a challenge, has led us to create our own, innovative business model which eliminates this problem.


Pioneering the hub-and-spoke model

In 2016, we were instrumental in the development of an innovative AD plant which was one of the first hub and spoke concept plants in Europe.  

Location constraints meant that the site did not have a gas grid connection point. This led us to devise our pioneering ‘virtual gas pipeline’ model. Biogas is upgraded to biomethane, compressed and transported to both off-site CHP engines and grid entry points, allowing the owners to take advantage of the favourable tariffs available for renewable gas production.

This model now forms the heart of our innovative ‘hub and spoke’ approach to on-farm AD, allowing rural sites with abundant feedstock but no grid connection to benefit from biogas.

Hub = A central AD plant with good gas grid access.
Spokes = Smaller on-farm sites with abundant feedstock but no gas grid access.


GFD today

Our experience with funders and hub-and-spoke AD has led us to our current project, Bangley Quarry Biogas. Situated in East Lothian, Scotland, the plant is currently under construction and due for completion in 2024. When operational, it will produce 1,100m3/hr biomethane, more than enough to supply the entire nearby town of Haddington (population around 10,000), and will act as the central grid connection ‘hub’ point for ‘spoke’ plants across Scotland over the coming years.

Our funding partner for Bangley Quarry is SWEN Capital Partners, a benchmark player in sustainable investment. With their knowledge of the biogas industry across Europe, in particular their pragmatic understanding of the dynamic nature of anaerobic digestion projects, SWEN are rethinking renewable energy finance. From 2023, we are delighted to announce that SWEN are our preferred funding partners.